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Trade Finance



Trade Finance products are specialised bank products designed to reduce the risks and uncertainties associated with commercial transactions, thus, facilitating trade. To compete successfully in the ever-expanding international trade arena, which requires the financial ability to minimize the buyer’s cost, maximise the seller’s offer, and manage the commercial, political and currency risks on both sides, we provide the following trade service advantages: 

• Domestic, export & import services and trade financing solutions
• Issuance of Letters of Credit and Bank Guarantees
• Regular E-mail alerts on your trade transactions status



Export Services

Selling your products and services in the global market need not be a painstaking process anymore. With faster credits through our global network with banks and access to collective information through E-mail alerts and a dedicated Trade Personnel – you have greater control over your foreign receivables. Through a dedicated and expert Trade Advisory team, we can structure and customise solutions for your specific requirement.

A. Export Bill Collection Services
B. Export Packing Credit (Pre-Shipment Finance)
C. Export Bills Negotiation (Post-Shipment Finance)
D. Export Bill Purchasing and Discounting (Post-Shipment Finance)
E. Export LC Advising
F. Export LC Confirmation Services
G. Export Document Scrutiny Services


Import Services

By being networked with many banks, we can offer you customised solutions to suit your business requirements and deliver products in a speedy and efficient manner and also helps in simplifying and faster query resolution, responses to follow ups and reimbursements. We can arrange for financing your imports through a buyer’s/supplier’s credit at very competitive rates of interest.

A. Import Letter of Credit
B. Import Payments Services
C. Supplier and Buyer’s Credit




Bank Guarantees

A bank guarantee is an undertaking by the Bank on behalf of its client to pay a certain sum of money to a beneficiary in case of default by the applicant in meeting certain Terms and conditions of an agreement and contract. You can now have BGs issued through various banks in our network.

Types of Guarantee that are available are:

• Financial Guarantee
• Performance Guarantee
• Shipping Guarantee
• Others.


Domestic Trade

Free up your cash flow so you can focus on growing your business with Domestic Financing solutions. We offer solutions depending on your trade cycle to ensure your needs are met. Our financing solutions can also fund the purchase of your goods. This is useful when you need to pay off a  Letter of Credit or Inward Bill Collection. It includes:.

• Collection of domestic purchase or sale documents.
• Extensive tie up with banks.
• Faster realisation of payments.